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The Meeple Room

Meeple Room Dice Trays

Meeple Room Dice Trays

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Designed in collaboration with Dexter Branch Woodworks in Dublin, GA; these gorgeous hand-crafted dice trays make excellent additions to your gaming setup!

Choose from 1 of 3 dice trays on hand:

 - The Maple tray features a genuine leather liner, magnetic lid to allow storage of your gaming items during transport, and cut-outs to place your dice, writing utensils, and miniatures during game-play!

 - Walnut Tray 1 features a genuine leather liner, and a magnetic lid!

 - Walnut Tray 2 feathers a genuine leather liner, magnetic lid, and tray cut-outs!

Be on the look-out for more trays and even customization options coming soon!

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