Special Orders

At The Meeple Room, we are proud of the offerings that we can bring to you and your home. Whether on the gaming table or your figure shelves, we pride ourselves in the quality of prints we produce. Unfortunately, we need to make a change to our production of those beloved fan art characters you enjoy. We are shifting Fan Art models to a special order only system. Please read the FAQ below on what this means for you and how to continue ordering these models.



  1. What models does this affect?
    • This affects any and all non-public domain characters by NomNom Figures, MPPrints, Scrazyone, Wicked, and B3dserk
  2. Will I still be able to order those models?
    • Yes! But the process will be a little different (more on that later!)
  3. Will the prices of those models be affected?
    • No! We will still use the same pricing structure and formulas we currently use on those models.
  4. Can I use the Special Order process to get other models?
    • Absolutely! If you need other models added that aren't Fan Art, please make sure to include those models (including all options) in the message you send!
  5. Can I request custom sizing as a special order?
    • You can! If you need custom sizing for a model, please follow the special order procedure below and include the size you need the model to be. Once I have received the message, I will work up the custom sizing quote and send a response to verify if you want to move forward with the custom scaling. This can be done with any model on the site, not just Fan Art models!

    How to Order

    1. Please refer to the model Spreadsheet here: Fan Art Spreadsheet
      • Images of the models are available in a linked drive on the spreadsheet. If you see an image for something but there's not price, let us know and we'll get it priced ASAP!
    2. Send a message through the Contact form with a request for for all desired models and their respective options (E.G: Size, Version, etc)
    3. An invoice will be sent via e-mail to the one registered here on meepleroom.com or used in the message.
      • Please note: you will not be able to add additional models to the invoice
    4. Checkout! You may use any promo codes or gift cards that are applicable!
    5. Standard shipping rates will apply, including the Free Domestic US Shipping on orders of $50 or more.