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Ready to Ship

We've added a "Ready to Ship" section where pre-printed models with limited quantities will be posted.

These will have a 6-7 day processing time to get shipped out on our next shipping day (usually Mondays)

Trading Cards

We're testing the waters with some new retail product. We've got a limited supply of Digimon Trading Cards right now, with more TCG options coming soon!

These will have a 6-7 day processing time to get shipped out on our next shipping day (usually Mondays)

You've entered The Meeple Room!

Here you will find 3d Printed miniatures from several sculptors across many styles! We feature models from Dragons Trappers Lodge, Rescale Miniatures, Mini Monster Mayhem, and many more! New models are posted monthly so there is always something fresh for your games and miniature displays!

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Read Me First!

All miniatures are printed to order! This process takes time and in some cases several weeks (Large Terrain Pieces like the Airships or PaintPal sets). Our normal fulfillment is 10-14 days for standard miniatures. Usually, this is shorter, but we want to make sure your order is right and your minis are as perfect as we can get them. Larger printing projects will have a note in their description for longer processing times.

PLEASE NOTE: Our processing times have been extended up to 5 weeks due to high volume of orders. We are working as hard as we can to get this back down to our normal times.

All resin models are printed at 40um layer height with an ABS-like resin unless otherwise stated.

Prints may come in a variety of colors instead of the usual gray.

3D Printed miniatures will have some work necessary for prep, including but not limited to assembly, gap-filling, sanding, pinning, and more! We recommend Plastic Glue for FDM prints, CA glue for resin prints, and epoxy fillers like Green Stuff/Liquid Green Stuff for these processes. If you have any questions, please reach out to!

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Dragon Trappers Lodge

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