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Dragon Trappers Lodge

Frontier Minotaurs by Dragon Trappers Lodge

Frontier Minotaurs by Dragon Trappers Lodge

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The frontier variants of your typical Stoica minotaurs are a savage and brutal bunch. Traveling in loosely formed raiding parties they raid and pillage everything in sight. They are not smart enough to make their own clothing and weapons but they are just bright enough to steal them or kidnap Navadi and other victims of the frontier to make it for them. There are three main frontier species each one resembling a different beast of the wilds, the bison, the moose, and the caribou. The most temperamental are the bison variant though they are all quite destructive. There is pretty much no negotiating with them, either they'll take you as a slave or kill you on the spot so your best bet is to strike first.

Each figure comes with a custom printed base. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures may require standard kit building processes such as gap-filling, filing, and cleanup. Due to the nature of the printing process, there may be small imperfections that require filling with liquid green stuff or similar repair substances.

Commercially licensed seller of Dragon Trappers Lodge models.

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