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The Meeple Room

TTRPG Miniature Mystery Box

TTRPG Miniature Mystery Box

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This listing is for a veritable grab bag of resin printed miniatures! Selections will include a printer's choice set models from our last and current month's models from our licensed sculpters! T

he boxes will contain an average value of $75! You can leave a comment when ordering with a preference or two, or a general description of your needs and desires.These comments will be used as guidelines when planning your mystery box!

NOTE: If the current options lacks a decent selection, models from previous sets may be included at the shop's discretion!

Choose 1 of 2 options described below:

The Character box, a selection of PCs and NPCs, includes at least:

- 5 25-30mm base models perfect for Player and Non-player character choices

- 2 50mm base models perfect for non-player characters or encounters, like minotaurs, golems, ogres, and more!

- 1 60-75mm base model perfect as an encounter or huge non-player character like deities or giants


The Monster box, a selection of encounter creatures, includes at least:

- 5 25-30mm base models for troop or swarm building or random monsters

- 2 50mm base models for larger threats for smaller encounters or troop leaders

- 1 60-75mm base model for dangerous threats. Expect dragons, giants, or more!

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