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Dragon Trappers Lodge

Glow Hoppers by Dragon Trappers Lodge

Glow Hoppers by Dragon Trappers Lodge

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Behold the most feared creature lurkin’ within these here swamps of Letona… to insects. Hoo-wee! We got ye’ there, didn’t we? The Glow Hoppers are actually quite friendly! Just don’t pet them--their skin is highly acidic and will melt yer’ skin down to the bone. Speakin’ of quick, Glow Hoppers prefer to stick around the more shallow areas of the swamp, cause’ these suckers run faster than a fart in a wind storm. We recommend ye’ carry around flies n’ grubs while out on a hunt as Glow Hoppers will gladly guide you to safety if ye’ become lost in the swamps-- primarily if yer’ lost in the dark, their glowin’ bulbs will serve as a beacon of hope round’ these dangerous parts.

Each figure comes with a custom printed base. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures may require standard kit building processes such as gap-filling, filing, and cleanup. Due to the nature of the printing process, there may be small imperfections that require filling with liquid green stuff or similar repair substances.

Commercially licensed seller of Dragon Trappers Lodge models.

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Images are artistic renders provided by the Sculptor

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