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Dragon Trappers Lodge

Gnarly Joe (Fish Man) by Dragon Trappers Lodge

Gnarly Joe (Fish Man) by Dragon Trappers Lodge

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Gnarly Jo here is a special youngin’. He don’t talk much, and nobody has a clue where he even came from. Gnarly kinda just showed up one day by jumpin’ carefree into the middle of a fight with Skunk Apes and started stabbin’ the lot. Some rumors have it that he was a regular ole’ fish that got mutated or somethin’ by wild magic and is a product of what it takes to survive in the murk. What we do know is that he can fight, and he can do it well. Gnarly Jo earned the respect of the other lodge folk by recklessly takin’ on every challenge that comes on his way and made himself well acquainted as a Trapper

Each figure comes with a custom printed base. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures may require standard kit building processes such as gap-filling, filing, and cleanup. Due to the nature of the printing process, there may be small imperfections that require filling with liquid green stuff or similar repair substances.

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