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June Exclusive Keychains (Cosmic Purple)

June Exclusive Keychains (Cosmic Purple)

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These adorable little key-chains are ready to go on an adventure! Featuring designs from two different sculptors, these limited offerings come in the exclusive Cosmic Purple color from Printbed! This color filament will not be available again and numbers are limited, so grab one of these cute accessories today!

First, we have the Moth Buttgoblin by Layers in Green! A happy little moth with a cute little booty!

Secondly, we have an articulated baby axolotl by Zou3D! Featuring 4 different color chain attachments, you can take this little fidget off the hook and play with it when you need something to occupy your hands!

Models are unpainted, but can easily be decorated with acrylic paints!

Commercially licensed seller of Zou3D & Layers in Green models.

*Lego sets not included

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