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Dragon Trappers Lodge

Skunk Ape by Dragon Trappers Lodge

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Do ye’ have a spare loincloth? Cause yer gonna need it when you come across these fearsome fellers. The Skunk Ape is deadlier than Otis the Hawks bean burps, with its flesh-splittin’ claws, throat-tearin’ chompers, and gods-awful swamp stench. They typically lurk with their shrewdness in clusters of boulders to give em’ the advantage of camouflage when awaiting to strike their prey. If you can’t avoid em’, we recommend thinkin’ like em’ on this one by dressin’ up in disguise and hidin’ in tree branches near boulders to strike from above. The Skunk Apes are too used to lookin’ down on their prey that the idjits forget to look up. Each figure comes with a custom printed base. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures may require standard kit building processes such as gap-filling, filing, and cleanup. Due to the nature of the printing process, there may be small imperfections that require filling with liquid green stuff or similar repair substances. Commercially licensed seller of Dragon Trappers Lodge models. Check out their work on Patreon: Images are artistic renders provided by the Sculptor