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Starter Kit by PaintPal

Starter Kit by PaintPal

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This starter kit is a great jumping off point for your PaintPal travel set!

What is PaintPal? It's a customizable travel hobby system designed to carry your basic hobby supplies!

So what's included in the starter kit? The starter kit includes the following pieces:

  • Drybrush Texture Lid
  • Wet Palette (provide your own paper and sponge)
  • Wet Palette Paper Template
  • Brush Storage
  • Model Storage {with places for magnets (not included)}
  • Ink/Share Wells
  • Your choice of:
    • 17ml Dropper bottle holder (holds 6 bottles) or
    • 12ml Flip top bottle holder (holds 10 bottles)

How does it stay together? The pieces nest into one another, and can be held together with a large rubber band or velcro strap (neither of which are included)

This kit takes upwards of 100 hours to print. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.

This kit is printed in PLA filament at .2 layer height in gray. Other colors may come available at a later date, and will be listed as an option when that time comes!

Officially licensed merchant backer of the PaintPal Hobby System by Corvus Games through Kickstarter!

Images are digital renders or pictures of prints by the designer.

Check out their other 3d models such as Terrain at

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