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The Librarian's Enchanted Tome by Xykit | Please Read Description

The Librarian's Enchanted Tome by Xykit | Please Read Description

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This listing is for a personalized storage tome for your dice, cards, or miniatures! There are three sizes: Standard, Mini, and Commander.

After you order, I will reach out to get the details about which styles, tray, & emblems you want.

Each tome comes with the following:
- 1 tray
- 2 emblems
- 1 side emblem

You will get to choose up to 2 colors of filament: 1 color for the covers and spine, and 1 color for the emblems & pages. Your tray can be in either of the two colors you choose.
- Silk/Rainbow filaments include metallic colors and alternating colors.
- Co-extruded filaments are multiple colors extruded side by side to give a color-shift type feel to them.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mini tome comes in 1 style, while the Standard and Commander come in the various styles shown.

Each model is printed with PLA filament and will arrive assembled. There may be a small amount of clean up necessary.

Commercially licensed seller of Xykit models. Check out their work on their website:

Images are printed examples by themeepleroom. Renders are provided by the sculptor

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